My Story and why's.
I’m a professional photographer born in Macau in 1981. I lived in Paris for three years and discovered the beauty of glamour.I love to shoot abroad for the challenge and experience it creates including meting fantastic new people. 
I’m based in Lisbon, where I have my personal home studio although the majority of my projects are shot on location.My passion about editorials is about getting out of my comfort zone, embracing emotions and facing fears, pursuing a clear definition of Glamour. I challenge myself, motivating a team to follow me by developing an idea from sketch and make it work with the tools and resources available.
Regrading portraits, I love creating beautiful lighting and composition, making it simple and creating a timeless portrait. Along with editorials and portraits, my passion includesAutomotive, Motorsports and motor-shows. Those are wonderful experiences where I can excel myself every-time with creativity, delivery and strong emotions.
But it goes beyond that. Photography is a way of living. Goals are important but what I chase the most is the way I want everyone to feel when those goals are achieved. And my goals are like dots in a never-end path. It’s my way of life.
I believe passion comes along with happiness and love about ourselves, our life, our family and friends, about our craft. We fall, we learn. It’s how fast you get up that matters. We must live gratefully and happiness is a choice we make everyday. I believe that we can all be happy and I’m grateful to capture it by your side.
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